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What We’re All About

Granite Falls Hardware has seen a lot of changes over our 100 plus years of being open. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to help you with your hardware needs.

Our History

After the Granite Falls Fire in 1911, Granite Falls Hardware was rebuilt in its current location. At this point, the shop was named Ashe Hardware after the owner, John Ashe (pictured on the left). At the time, Ashe hardware was the central hub for anything the home could need. Here you could buy anything from paint and nails, to a washing machine and wallpaper. Next door to Ashe Hardware was Ashe Brothers Blacksmithing. This shop was also owned by John Ashe and operated by his brother, Dan Ashe, alongside William Menzel (pictured on the right).

Sometime in the 1930s, John Ashe sold the hardware store to The Synder Family, who owned Synder Hardware in Arlington, now known as Arlington Hardware. During this time, the store was managed by Don Bergan. Shortly after the Snyder family bought the shop, they sold it to Don and his wife. For close to 3 decades (until the late 1960s), the store was named Bergan Hardware. During this time, the Bergan’s transitioned out of appliances and started selling auto parts alongside the hardware.



Years later, in 1996, the hardware store was bought by Danny and Rebecca Meeks. During their time as owners, they made several changes to the shop, including partnering with ACE® Hardware and getting a license to sell firearms. Both business models have been successful ventures for the store and set it apart from others. The Meeks have been an essential part of the Granite Falls community for over 20 years. Danny and Rebecca were known for their friendly and fun nature that created loyal, lifelong customers at Granite Falls Hardware.

In 2021, Danny and Rebecca Meeks sold the business to the current owners, Stefan and Corissa Welch. Danny and Rebecca’s vision for the store to grow while maintaining its small-town charm is something the new owners hold in the highest regard. More about the current owners below!


The Welch Family

Stefan and Corissa Welch purchased Granite Falls Hardware in the spring of 2021. They have two daughters, Hudson and Kennedy Welch who they are proudly raising in the Granite Falls community. Stefan and Corissa both grew up in Lake Stevens, WA and moved to Granite Falls in 2017 when they purchased their first home. After the purchase of their fixer-upper, they became hardware store regulars while they worked on their house for the next three years. This ultimately cultivated a relationship between Granite Falls Hardware staff, Danny Meeks and Stefan. Stefan has been in real estate development and acquisitions along with working flip projects in the area. Corissa has been teaching at Mountain Way Elementary for four years and holds a special place in her heart for the families in Granite Falls. Their vision for the community is to keep providing quality customer service and helping the local area in whatever ways they can. 


Granite Falls Hardware is a trusted partner of Ace Hardware®. This means we sell, support, and back their incredible tools. By buying a tool or any piece of hardware from Granite Falls Hardware you will not only be buying a quality product but also will be supporting a local business. However, if you are wanting to order any hardware products online, you will need to do so off Ace Hardware’s website. While ordering just remember to ship it to Granite Falls Hardware and you can pick it us from us when it arrives! Click the button below to be redirected to ACE® Hardware’s website.

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